EDEN Coachworks George is an Auto Body Repair Facility committed to provide excellent service combined with extremely good quality repairs to their customer’s vehicles.

Predicted changes that are coming at avalanche speed with more design innovations in the next five years than in the past 50 years is destined to revolutionize the world of collision repairs. Car makers display a unique way of secrecy in the way a car undergoes crash repairs properly. Fortunately we are a member of their approved repairer stream as an approved repair shop. New vehicles contain over 1000 different types of high strength steels, boron and multiple or multi material vehicles including multiple strengths of aluminum.
Aluminum has now also become the new car metal of choice on all brands and not just for the super expensive elite models.
Being an approved repairer and not just a general body shop or panel beater, we are exposed to receiving training on the correct repair methods used when doing crash repairs on cars made available to us by the different car makers. We are in the position with the correct equipment to gain the knowledge and skills required with knowledge training and methods made available to us.


Our goal; getting a car back to its pre-accident condition using the knowledge, methods and repair techniques made available to us. Yes, this also comes at a cost, however, apart from a few small areas of excellence coming from the ultra-competitive market of the automotive refinishing trade, paint supply companies are driven to training their customers to manage and gain insurance efficiencies. Thus why we utilize Glasurit Paint supplied by BASF. Developing skills for our employees is one of our top priorities. With the support of BASF we are able to achieve this goal. We also create knowledgeable wealth with registered apprentices in each department of our business and an accredited training and trade test facility managed by Belcomec Training registered with MerSeta / NAMB.

Acquiring the business in late 2008, then known as Dent Doctor George, as part of a franchise, year after year, through a sustained focus on quality and customer service, we have experienced phenomenal growth. We decided to expand the size and the scope of our business by applying for passenger vehicle authorization status late 2009. This was at the time Hyundai South Africa. Making imprint on the South African passenger car market we decided pursuing this brand will help assist us climbing the ladder. Not knowing at the time that Hyundai will become one of the most popular brand vehicles on the South African market they now also offer premium models to choose from.
We have recently decided to expand the size and scope even further after acquiring multi manufacturer approvals over the years we have been operational since we bought the business in 2008. We are now pursuing an exclusive passenger vehicle and sports car brand offered by Jaguar Land Rover, Audi and Mercedes Benz.

Our mission is to provide the best collision repair experience in the Southern Cape being able to repair vehicles with manufacturer warranties and late model vehicles. To provide excellent services for Automotive Body Collision Repairs continuing to be the only Manufacturer Factory Approved Repairer in the Southern Cape region for certain vehicle makes. Committed to repairing your vehicle to the original manufacturers standards and specifications.


At EDEN Coachworks, our key objective is to provide and deliver an exceptional outcome being both cost effective to the consumer and insurer. We value the fact that we are able to give our customers a collision repair experience that matches our highly valued clients and their vehicles.
Through continuous training, the upgrading of our equipment and staff; and keeping up with the international repair techniques and processes, we aim to stay one step in front of our opposition at all times.




Eden Coachworks specialise in the following repairs:

Cosmetic Repairs

Eden Coachworks assists motorists in maintaining the cosmetic appearance of their vehicles thereby maintaining their values.

Collision Repairs

EDEN Coachworks are equipped to carry out minor auto body repairs up to major structural repairs, any panelbeating requirements and spray painting.

Approved Car Makes